Effortless Charger Management
Simplified and Efficient

Effortless Charger Management

About Thunder Connect

Thunder Connect is an advanced cloud-based platform that empowers users to deploy, manage, and expand their EV charging network with ease, incorporating smart EV solutions and smart EV charging capabilities. Designed for individuals and organizations alike, Thunder Connect offers a comprehensive solution for overseeing charging infrastructure. Leveraging the capabilities of the cloud, Thunder Connect enables effortless control and scalability, allowing users to efficiently manage and grow their EV charging network with smart EV charging solutions at their fingertips.

Universal Charging Solution
Your One-Stop Shop for All Charging Needs

Introducing Thunder Connect, the cutting-edge charging solution that never stops learning and evolving. Designed to meet the diverse charging needs of multiple industries, Thunder Connect is a dynamic platform that adapts and grows alongside evolving technology and industry demands. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, Thunder Connect continuously analyzes and learns from industry trends, customer feedback, and emerging technologies. This ensures that our charging network remains at the forefront of industry advancements, delivering optimal performance and reliability. Whether it's electric vehicles, consumer electronics, or industrial equipment, Thunder Connect is equipped to fulfill a wide range of charging requirements. Experience the power of Thunder Connect as it seamlessly evolves to cater to the ever-changing needs of industries, providing efficient and future-proof charging solutions for a connected world.


Gated Community


Parking Lots


Heavy Vehicles

Thunder Connect
Maintenance and Troubleshooting Equipment

Optimal Performance

Seamless Firmware Updates and Security Patching for Uninterrupted Operations

Active Monitoring

Enhance Reliability and Prevent Malfunctions with our Automated Monitoring System

Data Visualization and Tracking

Flexibly Customize Your Dashboard to Showcase Relevant Business Data

Actionable Business Insights

Gain Insights on Customer Behavior, Identify Friction Points, and Uncover Areas for Improvement through Detailed Reports

Dynamic Pricing Strategies

Offering Competitive Pricing Options Based on Multiple Factors

Enhanced Subscription

Unlock Additional Features with an Affordable Monthly Subscription

Role-Based Access Control

Set Platform Permissions According to User Roles and Responsibilities

Charging Tracking

Monitor Customer Charging Activity and Interactions with Your Charge Points

RFID Tag Integration

Enable Fast Authentication, Payment, and Charging

Gain Comprehensive Insights

In-Depth Analysis of Operations and Customer Behavior

Flexible Reporting

Customize Network Reports to Display Precise Information Based on Your Requirements

Convenient Assistance

Multiple Support Channels for Convenient Assistance like Email, Live Chat, WhatsApp, Toll-Free Calling, and In-App Support

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